Offline install SupremeRAID driver#

Offline install SupremeRAID driver#


RAID Model: SR1000 or SR1010, SR1001
Host Hardware: Intel, AMD
Operating System: Linux RPM base(Alamlinux, CentOS, RHEL, Oracle Linux)


When users need to install the SupremRAID driver but cannot connect to the external network.


  1. Prepare the corresponding DKMS and ISO file(OS image).
    Ensure you have downloaded the DKMS package and an ISO image file compatible with your RAID model and the version of your Linux operating system.

    Note: The DKMS package could be found on this website:

    Note: the OS image file DO NOT download "Minimal", which version would not including package inside.

  2. Create a new mounting point directory:
    # mkdir -p /mnt/dvd
  3. Mount the ISO image file to the newly created directory:
    # mount -o loop <iso_path> /mnt/dvd
    Note: Replace <iso_path> with the path to your ISO file.

  4. Execute the SupremeRAID pre-installer:
    bash graid-sr-pre-installer-1.5.0-* --local-iso-mnt=/mnt/dvd/ --dkms=<dkms_path>

    Note1: Please use the pre-installer version later 101(
    Replace <dkms_path> with the path to your DKMS package.
    By following these steps, you can successfully setup the SupremeRAID driver needed environment without an external network connection. Note that the system may require a restart after the pre-installer finish the install to ensure those setting are correctly loaded.

  5. After reboot the system, execute the SupremeRAID driver: #bash graid-sr-installer-1.5.0-*-*-*.run

  6. Active the service by apply the license key # sudo graidctl apply license [license key] Note: Replace [license key] with the card's license key.